Experiment Intrinsic delivers immersive audio-visual experiences in the ambient and experimental field to audiences across London and Europe.

Providing a comfortable and intimate space, a high-quality progressive sound system and carefully curated bookings, our activity ranges from 100 capacity gatherings to intimate 200 people festivals and larger collaborations.


Starting in 2014, Experiment Intrinsic presented 5 audiovisual evenings at a unique water reservoir venue in London.

In 2017 Experiment Intrinsic expanded the project further and hosted the first edition of a four day festival at historical place in Dordogne, France.

In 2018 Intrinsic’s London events moved to an overnight gatherings at a powerful sacred space, completed with a progressive 8-point surround sound system provided by Sova Audio.


In 2020 we introduced the ALL IS ONE series which invites you to join us at holistic experiences to incorporate one of the core principles of the project: self-awareness.

Each session being guided by Dr. Kamalroop Singh who is sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge, combining activities including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra, Kirtan, Degh Medicine Ceremonies and more.


Subtle yet expansive, introspective yet universal, we create a space with the support of likeminded people, to both collectively and individually explore the depth and richness of infinite existence.

Experimental soundscapes and live performances draw from a wide array of disciplines, from ambient, traditional and world, to early electronic, live avant-garde and contemporary.

Using space and architecture as the canvas, our visual aspect complements using organic projection mapping.

Yoga and Workshops are delivered as an Intrinsic guide to elevate us higher or shall we say dive us deeper.