The music is rich in details.

Many audience members want to hear everything, and the normal standard of courtesy is to be silent as much as possible while the music is playing.

It’s important to give full look-out to our Guests and have no interruption during their performance.


Everyone enjoys taking pictures and videos.

Out of respect for the artists and all of the other attendees please be polite. Stay out of the other’s way as much as possible to ensure the space remains comfortable and undisrupted.

Flash photography is not recommended.


Please arrive early to complete the last piece of the puzzle and create an environment that greatly values the individual freedom of expression. 


Go to a park or a garden.

You are to remain stationary, listening (perhaps with your eyes closed) until sounds pass by you in all four directions, one traveling east, one south, one west and one north.

What were the sounds? Of course it does not really matter what they were.

The exercise is one of the concentration, and while you are waiting for the sounds that will release you, you hear myriad of others.

The exercise could be done by a group of people as well as on your own.

R. Murray Schafer

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