All Is One series are inviting you to join us at holistic experiences to incorporates one of the core principles of the project: self-awareness.

Beginning on a very special calendar date of the new decade 2nd of February 2020, we aim to deliver the events with the hope of bringing more clarity and peace to our being.

Each session is guided by Dr. Kamalroop Singh who is sharing the wisdom of ancient knowledge, combining activities including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra, Kirtan, Degh Medicine Ceremonies and more.

Dr Kamalroop Singh is a dedicated teacher from the Indian Khalsa Nihang Singh order. He took initiation into the Khalsa in 1999, thereafter spending 15 years living with the Nihang Singhs and Sants and travelling across India. Also a respected authority in Sikh studies, Kamalroop Singh is an active author and teacher internationally.

He believes that we all deserve to live a life free from stress, pain and suffering – and that we all have the potential to achieve that ourselves.

When we get stuck in life and can’t find the flow, there are various things we can do to restore our balance. The most powerful ways to restore our energy is to practice yoga (pranayam), detox the body (panchakarma), work with the elements (tattvas) and plant medicines (ayurveda).

Dr Kamalroop Singh is dedicated to get to the root cause of suffering, by utilising the power of Yoga, Detoxifications, and Ayurveda to transform people’s lives and bring them freedom from what was once holding them back.

Our first event took place at Core Clapton, London with an important introduction of:

1. History and Culture
2. Mantras and Instruments
3. Mool Mantar

1. Mind and Body
2. Techniques to Well Being
3. Herbal Remedies

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