Ticket Policy

Experiment intrinsic is a community-centred project that relies on the support of our audience to put on the events. On this page you can find general information on how our ticketing process works and our general ethos regarding the events we produce.

Please spare a few minutes of your time to familiarise yourself with our ticket policy.  

The following information applies for Experiment Intrinsic gathering, Bulgaria 2023:


Introducing the Deposit System

For our ticketing we operate with a deposit system – an initiative that was implemented in order to safeguard everyone involved and ensure there’s an established process for different outcomes. 

The deposit system makes the purchasing process more manageable for our audience, but also helps us to plan ahead and cover certain overheads.

As we are a small independent non-profit, it is important that our community understands their essential role in contributing directly to the success of the project. At such a small scale with high production costs, we rely on reaching full capacity in order to breakeven. In exchange, we endeavour to deliver a very intimate and unique experience to audience members.

Can I transfer my deposit or ticket?

If you are not able to process the remaining balance of your ticket you can transfer your deposit to the following year, by requesting this via email not later than the timeline given for processing the remaining balance. If you do not contact us in time and fail to process the remaining balance your deposit will be lost and invalidated. 

If you hold a fully paid ticket, but you can no longer attend the festival, contact us not later than April 15th (2023) where you may wish to either transfer your ticket to a friend, or we will transfer just the deposit amount of £80 to the following year (remaining ticket balance is non-refundable.)

How long is my deposit valid for?

All outstanding deposits can be redeemed within 2 years of purchase, after which they will become invalid.  

Why do you have deadlines for ticket payments?

Successfully organising these kinds of events is dependent on expected audience attendance and planning ahead, so that all logistics are carried out in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. There are also certain overheads that need to be paid for in advance of the event. 

General uncertainty as well as indecision from audience members up until the last minute not only creates many challenges behind the scenes but also ends up being very costly for the organisers. We do everything we can to keep our costs to an absolute minimum – in the interests of everyone involved, we wish to avoid such scenarios so as not to negatively impact the ticket price and our risk.

Can I get a refund on my deposit or ticket?

Tickets and Deposits are not refundable – this is an industry-standard policy and is unfortunately a necessary protocol for event organisers. All advance ticket sales go towards essential expenses such as venue hire, production costs, artist flights, and more. The organisation of a festival takes roughly 12 months of work, whereby contracts need to be signed, fees and purchases need to be made, building work needs to commence, all in advance of the festival dates. 

In the knowledge of all available information, the purchase of a deposit is a signal of commitment to attendance. Purchasing a full ticket means that you have been accounted for in our preparations and expenses.

We know that unexpected things happen in life, however if people change their mind at a later date, not only has their attendance expectancy prevented someone else from taking their place, but it means we do not know how to plan accurately for the stage and venue spaces, accommodation, food, transport, and more. It might not seem obvious, but as a small event any single change in attendance can have a very large knock-on effect on the rest of the logistics and resulting costs. 

Delivering for our community

Due to the strong values and principles with which we deliver the project, we have always strived to provide an exceptional level of care and service to our community. As such, we provide what we feel to be a generous policy regarding tickets, and a valuable experience to those in attendance. We understand plans change, life can be unpredictable, which is why we offer the concessions outlined above (i.e. deposit and ticket transfers, two year expiration). 

Please understand that we do not run this project for personal profit or gain, it is a service to the community, and that all policies are in place to ensure the fair, sustainable and smooth running of the project. 

Thank you for your understanding and attention. Experiment Intrinsic is created from the heart with a high level of dedication, commitment, and good will for all. We hope you can join us somewhere along the way.