The nearest and most convenient airport is Sofia, 2.5-3h drive.

We will be providing shuttle on Tuesday and Wednesday, return on Monday.

Inbound Sofia – Bedouin Forest Residence
Tuesday 20th – 18:30pm 
21st – 16:00pm

Outbound Bedouin Forest Residence – Sofia
Monday 27th – 11:00am 

If you require different transport times please request this via email so that we can look into coach options. 

We recommend arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday to get the full Intrinsic Experience.

If you plan to join our extended trip to Rila Lakes, please book shuttle including Rila Lakes. We will be leaving the festival site to Rila Lakes on Monday 27th and Rila Lakes to Sofia Airport July 01st.

Inbound Bedouin Forest Residence – Seven Rila Lakes
Monday 26th – 11am  

Outbound Seven Rila Lakes – Sofia
Friday 1st – 08:30am